Tattapic Innovates with Tatt Be Real® Potion, Elevating the Standard in Temporary Tattoo Realism

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Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 2:27pm UTC
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In the world of temporary tattoos, Tattapic has established a unique position with its Tatt Be Real® Potion, enhancing the authenticity of its custom temporary tattoos. This potion, a standout feature in the industry, enables Tattapic's tattoos to mimic the look of real tattoos, setting a new standard in temporary tattoo realism.

Tattapic's temporary tattoos are noted for their durability and resistance to rubbing, sweat, and water. This resilience makes them suitable for various occasions and activities, ensuring that the tattoos remain intact and vibrant. Furthermore, these tattoos are 100% safe for all ages and skin types. The best part is you can design your temporary tattoos that align with your unique style.

The application process for Tattapic's temporary tattoos is simple. It involves placing the tattoo on the skin and wetting it for 10 seconds or more. This straightforward method allows for a quick and hassle-free experience, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with temporary tattoos. So, if anyone needs high-quality wholesale temporary tattoos for an event or charity, these tattoos are an ideal choice.

The Differentiating Factor

The Tatt Be Real® Potion is the key element differentiating Tattapic's tattoos from others in the market. When applied over the temporary tattoo, this potion creates a strikingly realistic appearance, closely resembling a tattoo that has been needled into the skin. This level of realism is achieved through a unique formulation that has been carefully developed to enhance the appearance of the temporary tattoo while maintaining its temporary nature.

Applying the Tatt Be Real® Potion is as simple as applying the tattoo itself. Spread a thin layer of the potion over the tattoo with a finger and let it dry. This ease of use is a critical aspect of the potion, ensuring that the enhanced realism of the tattoos is accessible to all users without the need for professional assistance or complex procedures.

The Tatt Be Real® Potion is FDA-approved, a testament to its safety and quality. This indicates that the potion meets stringent health and safety standards, building user confidence in the product. This factor is particularly important in an industry where skin contact and long-term wear are involved.

Another notable benefit of the Tatt Be Real® Potion is its ability to act as a sealant, extending the lifespan of the temporary tattoos. With this potion, Tattapic's tattoos can last upwards of a week, a duration that is considerably longer than many other temporary tattoos available in the market. This extended wearability adds to the appeal of Tattapic's tattoos, making them a viable option for those seeking long-lasting custom temporary tattoos.


The Tatt Be Real® Potion represents a significant advancement in the field of temporary tattoos. Its ability to create a realistic appearance, combined with the ease of application and adherence to safety standards, positions Tattapic as a leader in the industry. The potion elevates the standard in temporary tattoo realism, offering an innovative solution for those seeking the look of a real tattoo without permanence.

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