Tallahassee Adoption Attorney Receives Angels of Adoption Award

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 5:50pm UTC
Tallahassee, Florida -

My Choice Adoptions, based in Tallahassee, FL, is pleased to highlight the efforts of Melanie Coats, an adoption attorney whose work serves to connect and build families through adoption. This year, the community chose to celebrate National Adoption Day on November 15th, in conjunction with Melanie finalizing adoptions for 11 children in foster care at the Leon County courthouse.

The team at My Choice Adoptions says they are proud and delighted to honor Melanie for her unwavering support of children and families. They attest that she is known for her passion for connecting children with homes where they will be loved, cherished, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. While National Adoption Day celebrations coincided with her finalizing the adoptions for 11 children who were previously in foster care, this number represents only a fraction of the lives she has touched over the course of her career.

The adoption community has also gone as far as to nominate Melanie for an Angels of Adoption Award for her work, which was presented to her during the celebration. For her part, Melanie says she is immensely grateful to the rest of her team and the organization’s network of partners and supporters, especially since ‘Angels’ can be nominated by anyone in the community. She encourages everyone to continue to show up, not just for her and other Angels, but for the children as well and especially those who are still looking for homes — and parents who are hoping to share their lives with a special new arrival. Kristin Scheurer, a representative from Angels of Adoption, had this to say “Thank you for all you do to help Florida families have positive adoption stories. I am so grateful to honor you with a Florida Angels of Adoption award. We see you, we applaud you, we appreciate you!”

With the rest of her team at My Choice Adoptions, Melanie works tirelessly to provide resources to moms who are experiencing a crisis of some sort. Whether they find it difficult to pay their bills, find a safe place to live, need transport to work, or require access to other resources to get by, My Choice Adoptions strives to lead them to providers and people who can help. According to the organization, this can sometimes be as simple as directing the mom to programs that already exist and are readily available in the area.

In some situations, the organization recognizes that some mothers may not feel ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a child. This can be for a variety of reasons, including financial or housing instability, and the mother may come to the conclusion that adoption is the best path for her and her child. My Choice Adoptions plays a pivotal role in connecting mothers with adopting families, and they are always ready and willing to provide all necessary assistance and resources should the need arise.

The team states they exist to help mothers in whatever capacity they can, be it through community resources or professional guidance through the adoption process. No one should hesitate to reach out if they need help.

Conversely, My Choice Adoptions says they are ready to welcome birth mothers who believe adoption may be the right choice for them and their child. This is always a difficult decision, so the organization makes it a point to give mothers as much room as they need to make informed choices as they move forward. All are welcome to contact the team today to review potential options and opportunities.

Mothers and other parties are warmly invited to contact My Choice Adoptions today to inquire further. Should they wish to learn more about the organization's work, they may visit the official My Choice Adoptions Facebook page.


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