Sunday School Works Launches Essential Back to School Sunday Lesson Plan with 4-Key Teachings for Children’s Ministry

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 4:18pm UTC
Sellersburg, Indiana -

Sunday School Works has announced the release of its new "Back to School: 4-Lesson Children’s Ministry Curriculum" for the year 2024. This curriculum is designed to assure children that God is always with them through four key lessons: God is our Helper, Provider, Protector, and Guide. It aims to help children trust in God's strength, provision, protection, and guidance.

The recently launched curriculum includes four lessons. The first lesson, "God is My Helper," uses the story of David and Goliath to show children that God gives them strength to face their biggest challenges. The second lesson, "God is My Provider," focuses on Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath to teach children that God provides for their needs in miraculous ways. In the third lesson, "God is My Protector," the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den teaches children that God protects them from harm. The fourth lesson, "Jesus is with Me," features the Great Commission to ensure children know that Jesus is always with them, guiding and supporting them.

back to school sunday school lesson

This curriculum is part of the comprehensive Sunday School Curriculum offered by Sunday School Works. Besides teaching lessons from the Bible, it emphasizes a clear Gospel message, reminding children that Jesus' sacrifice saves us and He stays with us forever.

Tony Kummer, Editor at Sunday School Works, talked about this new curriculum: “Why choose this curriculum? It’s simple: our lessons focus on four essential truths—God is our Helper, Provider, Protector, and Guide. Through the inspiring stories of David, Elijah, Daniel, and the Great Commission, kids learn to trust in God’s strength, provision, protection, and guidance. Plus, the clear Gospel message reminds them that Jesus’ sacrifice saves us and He is always with us.”

Parents and Sunday School teachers searching for fresh lesson plans, including a Back To School Sunday School Lesson, can also find related curricula and activities like the "52-Week Back To School Children’s Ministry Curriculum Bundle," "Live the Light," "Walking with the Way Maker," and "Unbreakable Character." These resources complement the main curriculum and provide different perspectives and engaging activities for children to explore biblical truths.

The Sunday School Store offers various resources related to children's ministry, aiming to enhance the educational experience. The store's website features a wide range of curriculum options, while their Pinterest page shares creative Sunday School ideas. Links to Ministry-To-Children, Sunday School Works, and other sites offer additional support and materials. The "52-Week Back To School Children’s Ministry Curriculum Bundle" includes comprehensive resources designed to engage children's attention through Bible stories and practical applications.

In addition to the new curriculum, including the Back To School Sunday School Lesson, Sunday School Works continues to offer numerous other resources. These include weekly Bible lessons based on the church lectionary calendar, children's sermon object lessons, coloring pages, and craft activities for Sunday School classes. They also provide support and encouragement for teachers, reviews of educational materials, and specialized resources for preschool classes.

Sunday School Games are another feature, making lessons fun and helping children remember biblical stories. Resources for Vacation Bible School programs and youth ministry are also available to meet the diverse needs of church communities.

The Sunday School Store's commitment to supporting small churches is evident through these comprehensive resources. By offering engaging and thoughtful lesson plans, they help bring Bible teachings to life for children. The goal is to build a solid foundation in faith from a young age, supporting the spiritual growth of young congregants.

For more details on the "Back to School: 4-Lesson Children’s Ministry Curriculum" and other offerings, teachers and ministry leaders can visit Sunday School Works or The Sunday School Store. They can also explore a variety of children's ministry resources through linked social media pages and the main website. By continuously providing high-quality, relevant, and engaging material, Sunday School Works remains a valuable resource for Sunday School teachers and children’s ministry leaders.


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