Steward Advisors Group Promotes Ethical Retirement through Connecting Beliefs with Financial Goals

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 3:33pm UTC
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In the competitive financial landscape, Steward Advisors Group (SAG) adds an ethical voice to the choir, promoting faith-driven decisions that leave a long-lasting impact on the world. For nearly 40 years, Donald Simmons the CEO and Founder of SAG has been providing objective and effective stewardship, assisting customers on their investing journeys. Among SAG’s services, retirement planning stands out as one of the company’s pillars, helping clients exit the workforce comfortably.

For Americans, being proactive about the future is especially crucial. According to statistics, most US adults believe they need nearly $1.5 million to retire stress-free. Despite that, the average amount in bank account savings doesn’t even reach $90,000. Grappling with the challenges of retirement and trying to ensure this chapter is full of joy and fulfillment, many adults make rushed investing decisions and blindly chase profits without considering the global impact of their investments.

But what if there was another way? What if profits and ethics could intertwine, allowing everyone to contribute to positive causes while securing a financially stable retirement?

Steward Advisors Group, led by Donald Simmons, leverages the founder’s over four decades of experience in the financial landscape merged with his devotion to following the word of God, providing financial advice that is as ethical as it is profit-driven. In addition to answering the typical questions permeating the topic of retirement - such as “How to assess how much money we need to live comfortably?” or “Are our beneficiaries up to date?” - SAG delves into the morality of investing, encouraging clients to support businesses that drive positive change.

At the heart of Steward Advisors Group is the belief that excess profits are best utilized in ways that improve the world. For those who have always dreamed of contributing to ethical movements and charity, retirement - a time when time knows no bounds and workplace responsibilities don’t apply - opens the doors to achieving these goals.

“We always focus on accumulating as much money as possible instead of asking, " How much is too much?” adds Donald. “There is nothing wrong with saving up for a comfortable retirement, but it is important to start a conversation about what to do with the excess wealth. Is there really a point in saving as much as possible, or should we start investing in transformational companies and projects, ultimately generating profits by helping others?”

For Donald, the powerful fusion of financial goals and values is the winning recipe. At SAG, Biblical beliefs and striving to honor God’s vision enlighten the company’s mission, inspiring advisors to analyze financial objectives from an eternal standpoint. Drawing from years of experience, Donald emphasizes that most clients rarely realize the impact their investments have within the supply chain, often falling into the trap of supporting immoral businesses and missing out on opportunities to nourish philanthropic ventures near and dear to their hearts.

“Many investors aren’t aware of child slavery or environmental impact caused by some companies they fund,” stresses Donald. “We try to show them that by investing in green energy or industries that don’t exploit people or natural resources, they can actively contribute to a better future.”

Between 2008 and 2016, when Donald was serving as the Chief Operating Officer for an economic development fund, he understood the immense power intentional investing holds, realizing that it could be the most powerful solution to many of the world’s problems, such as corruption, poverty, hunger, and unsafe water. Donald says, “Whether we are passionate about medical research, protection of endangered species, protecting children from slavery, or caring for our planet, we can invest in ways that address these values and provide competitive financial returns.”

When speaking of Steward Advisors Group’s mission in the retirement landscape, Donald supplies, “Our firm helps those who are planning for retirement to invest and connect. We help our clients simultaneously meet their financial goals and experience the joy of deploying investments that bring transformation to individuals, families, and communities.”

Since 1987, Donald Simmons has been revolutionizing the investing landscape, offering evidence-based advice and guidance that align with Biblical beliefs. Though faith is a central part of SAG, the company supports all individuals on a mission to retire comfortably while making the world a better place, regardless of their religious associations. “I have always believed that our heart should influence our investments as much as our mind does,” shares Donald. “There is no better way to honor years of hard work than to connect finances with values and passions, and that is what SAG excels at.”

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