Ministry-To-Children Launches New Bible Games for Kids to Transform Sunday School Lessons

Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 2:44pm UTC
Sellersburg, Indiana -

Ministry-To-Children has launched a comprehensive set of new resources aimed at helping children's ministry leaders and Sunday school teachers. These tools are designed to make learning more engaging for kids and to assist teachers in capturing their students' attention.

The organization, known for offering free resources to those involved in children's ministry, has expanded its range of activities significantly. One of the key new features is a broad selection of Sunday school games available online. These games aren't just for fun—they’re designed to help children understand biblical teachings in an interactive way.

Bible Games for kids sunday school

“We have always believed that teaching children about faith can be both enjoyable and educational,” said Tony Kummer, CEO of Ministry-To-Children. “With these new resources, we aim to help both new and experienced teachers create engaging lessons that really connect with their students.”

A highlight of the new resources is an extensive list of Sunday school games meant to reinforce biblical lessons. These games break the routine of traditional learning and help solidify what kids are learning in Sunday school. Teachers can easily access and download these games from Ministry-To-Children’s website at By adding these interactive elements to their lessons, teachers can make learning more exciting and memorable for children.

In addition, the organization has increased its digital presence to meet the needs of today’s ministry leaders and teachers. A key part of this is their new YouTube channel, which offers a variety of video resources. These videos are crafted to help teachers deliver more dynamic and visually engaging lessons. Available at, the channel features tutorials, lesson ideas, and visual aids that teachers can easily use in their classes.

“Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for children's ministry leaders,” Kummer added. “By expanding our resources online, we give teachers easy access to the materials they need, exactly when they need them. We understand that teachers often don’t have much time to prepare, and we want to make high-quality resources readily available.”

Ministry-To-Children also works closely with volunteers and educational experts to ensure their materials are high quality and relevant. This collaboration helps keep their content fresh and effective for today's children's ministry needs. The various resources available, including Free Kids' Bible Lessons PDF, can be accessed on their website.

To keep improving, Ministry-To-Children regularly asks for feedback from its users. Teachers and ministry leaders are encouraged to share their experiences and suggestions. This helps the organization refine its offerings and create new materials that meet current educational standards and classroom needs.

Aside from games and videos, Ministry-To-Children offers various other teaching aids, including lesson plans, craft ideas, and printable activities. These materials are flexible and can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of different classes. Teachers can explore the complete collection of resources through their organization profile on Press Advantage at This platform provides detailed information about the organization and easy access to all of their resources, making it convenient for teachers to find what they need.

Ministry-To-Children is dedicated to supporting children's ministry leaders with a wide range of engaging and educational resources. These new additions aim to improve the learning experience for children and provide teachers with effective tools to deliver their lessons. By continually updating and expanding its resources, the organization strives to meet the needs of today's educators and children, helping to build a strong foundation of faith and knowledge in the younger generation. For more details about their offerings, including Free Easter Coloring Pages, visit their website.


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