Make Great Light Provides Innovative Lighting Solutions to Enhance Indoor Light Quality

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Monday, February 26, 2024 at 3:42pm UTC
02/26/2024, LINO LAKES, MN // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Make Great Light has been providing innovative lighting solutions that enhance indoor light quality in schools, offices, government offices, clinics, hospitals, and other commercial establishments. The company is recognized for its groundbreaking products, such as classroom light filters, fluorescent light covers, and LED light covers designed to transform harsh fluorescent and LED lighting into a light that mimics natural sunlight. The filters mitigate the adverse effects that are common with conventional indoor lighting. With these filters, people in the spaces can find relief from eye strain, headaches, migraines, and visual fatigue.

The LED light covers and fluorescent light covers from Great Light are also designed to block harmful UV rays, preventing the materials from fading and reducing the risk of skin cancer. Its innovative products and light offerings can balance and correct color, effectively replicating the full spectrum of natural light indoors. Exposure to this light improves mood and sleep patterns, regulates hormones, and provides relief to patients of seasonal affective disorder through SAD therapy.

Even though fluorescent light covers and classroom light filters have many benefits, it doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Make Great Light offers products that are both cost-effective and energy-efficient. It transforms existing lighting systems without any need for expensive replacements. Unlike competitors who charge a fortune for decorative lighting solutions, the company makes it affordable as it has identified a significant need for a healthy light environment in spaces such as schools, offices, and hospitals. Its mission is to “make a healthy difference in people’s lives” by catering to individuals with lupus, SAD, UV sensitivity, and other issues and offering effective solutions to enhance their overall well-being through innovative and improved lighting solutions.

Its classroom light filters provide a transformative light quality for a natural and glare-free classroom. They can diffuse the light by 20%, providing the right balance of light transmission. The filters are faster and very easy to install. They help the students focus better, reduce headaches, and support healthy circadian rhythms. Meanwhile, its fluorescent light covers are built to last, are heat resistant and perfectly sized for fluorescent lights, diffuse light to reduce excess glare, and are durable and flexible as they are made of impact-resistant acrylic. They are available in a single panel to a pack of 24. Make Great Light targets a wide range of customers, such as office workers seeking relief from headaches and educators looking for a more conducive learning environment. They now supply LED light covers for clients in industrial, healthcare, retail, educational, and office niches.

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Make Great Light has been selling NaturaLux™ light filtering products to offices, schools, warehouses, retail stores, universities, hospitals, clinics, government facilities, and other commercial establishments. This business was started with a mission to help students learn and employees work in a perfect lighting environment with the help of premier light filtering solutions that have been designed by real engineers who set out to solve complex lighting challenges.



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