Lisa Tharp Design Offers a Comprehensive Range of Services

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Lisa Tharp Design is a top interior design firm in Boston known for seamlessly combining beauty, customization, and sustainability in every project. It specializes in creating unique design solutions that bring clients’ visions to life.

Homes and offices are reflections of people’s individuality and style. They have their own vision and goal for the space, and it is the responsibility of interior designers to bring it to life. Lisa Tharp and her design team believe in the power of good design. Through collaboration, they consistently deliver award-winning results that have also made their mark with clients.

Lisa Tharp Interior Design came into being in 2011 with the aim of raising the bar for interior design services. Lisa, one of the top Boston interior designers, who also has an MBA degree, had a fulfilling career in visual arts and the corporate world. She has brought that experience to the firm, which is focused on well-managed projects for clients while following best practices that are right for them and the planet as well.

Renowned as one of the best interior design firms in Boston, Lisa Tharp Design has won several prestigious awards, including the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Bulfinch Awards, EcoHome Award for The Concord Green Healthy Home, Luxe Gold List, etc. The firm’s designs have also been featured in Architectural Digest, ELLE Decor, LUXE, House Beautiful, and several international publications.

But the true testament to the quality and authenticity of the services offered by Lisa Tharp Design is the trust of its clients, which is also reflected in their sterling testimonials. Those looking for reliable interior design firms in Boston to work with can simply reach out to the company, which has a streamlined process to bring their vision to life while embodying style, sophistication, and timelessness.

For starters, Lisa Tharp Interior Design has an exclusive and engaging discovery process to understand clients’ goals, preferences, and requirements. The team then creates the scope, budget, and timeline for the project and has its own talented professional builders to execute the ideas or work with clients’ own teams in case any construction is involved. The team will then plan the project with innovative concepts and great attention to detail.

Lisa Tharp Design also gets client input and approval for completing every milestone. Finally, the team works with talented specialists in different fields to complete the project on time and turn clients’ dreams into reality.

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About Lisa Tharp Design

Founded in 2011 by renowned interior designer Lisa Tharp with her strong belief in the power of good design while offering wonderfully diverse points of view, the firm has become the leading name in the field for clients in Boston and surrounding areas. Designs from the award-winning firm that reflect a wide range of styles and places have been published in several leading publications around the world.


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