How Rose Simard guides couples struggling with money to foster financial literacy together

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Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 3:30pm UTC
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People tend to underestimate the impact finances have on the health of their marriage. Due to this, they're more susceptible to repeating the same money mistakes, leading to another failed marriage. Research shows an ongoing trend of second and third marriages concluding in divorce in the United States. The increase in divorce rates after remarriage suggests that many enter their second or third marriages without resolving money issues during previous marriages.

Rose Simard, a trained divorce financial expert, who has helped people successfully navigate the financial aspect of divorce, believes that one of the most common factors that impact the dynamics in marriage and divorce is the different values surrounding money.

"Many couples don't talk openly about money, mainly because they don't have the same perception and relationship with money. In too many cases, one has all the control while the other has little or no involvement. That's where the problem starts," shares Rose.

Recognizing that money matters lead to numerous failed marriages, Rose has created a group money coaching program designed to help couples foster financial freedom together, by teaching couples how to manage, save, and grow their money together.

Her Money Mates program is set to launch in January 2024, a three-month group program that aims to strengthen people's relationships, through a financial lens.

The program encompasses bi-weekly group coaching calls, three private coaching calls, and one year of access to industry-leading financial resources and more. This initiative by Rose helps individuals and couples anticipate financial shifts, helping them learn to trust their gut, and allowing them to maximize every opportunity that comes their way.

Aimed at helping couples develop their intuition when making money-related decisions. Although trusting one's gut defies mainstream beliefs when it comes to financial matters, Rose asserts that instinctual mastery could be the key to wealth accumulation and increasing the strength of the couple's relationship.

Another objective of this transformative program is to find the beauty in risk-taking. With Rose's guidance, couples learn how to know when to take the leap, when to take a pause, and when to grab the opportunity. Ultimately, Money Mates presents an opportunity for couples to take a step back and look at the larger picture: unlock a path to a life where every financial move isn’t just about wealth accumulation but building a better life together.

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