Go Industries Inc. Unveils Best Heavy Duty Truck Headache Racks for Enhanced Safety and Durability

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Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 6:18pm UTC

Go Industries Inc., a well-known name in the automotive accessory industry, has introduced its latest product: the Heavy Duty Headache Rack. This new addition emphasizes the company's dedication to quality and detail, continuing its long-standing tradition since 1978.

The Heavy Duty Headache Rack is priced between $740.61 and $909.26, fitting all full-size pickups. Customers can choose between white or black powder coat finishes. It features a 6" x 2" steel top tube with 2" x 2" bottom and vertical tubes, a 24" x 3" heavy-duty foot for added strength, and 3/16" louvers to protect the cab window. The rack also includes LED red and clear lights, with an optional third brake light for added safety and visibility.

best truck headache racks

Go Industries prides itself on its warranties for the Heavy Duty Headache Rack. There's a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and a six-month warranty on the finish. This highlights the company's focus on customer satisfaction and product durability.

John Smith, CEO of Go Industries, spoke about the new product: "The introduction of our Heavy Duty Headache Rack showcases Go Industries' mission to offer strong and reliable products. This rack is designed to protect truck cabs and enhance the vehicle's overall functionality. We are proud to manufacture our products in the USA and maintain the high standards our customers expect."

The Heavy Duty Headache Rack is just one of many truck accessories from Go Industries. They also offer Rancher Grille Guards and BigTex Grille Guards for front-end protection. Their Pro Series Bumpers are great for bumper replacements, and their Air Flow Tailgates and Flat Iron Headache Racks provide back-end protection. Additional options include mud flaps and steps for extra utility.

Go Industries' product line also serves law enforcement vehicles, offering gear for Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford vehicles. This includes skid plates for better protection during off-road or tough conditions. This wide range ensures that both everyday truck owners and professionals needing specialized vehicle modifications are catered to.

Custom manufacturing is another key part of Go Industries' services. Clients can request products made to their specific needs, and getting a quote is easy straight from the company's website. This shows Go Industries' commitment to flexibility and meeting unique customer needs.

Customer support goes beyond product sales at Go Industries. They offer many resources like detailed product instructions, a full product catalog, warranty info, and instructional videos. Their commitment to customer support is also proven by their Platinum Status with SEMA, highlighting their high service and product standards.

John Smith added, "At Go Industries, we aim to constantly innovate and improve our product lines. The launch of our Heavy Duty Headache Rack is a direct answer to our customers' needs. We believe in providing the best truck headache racks and accessories that combine strength, utility, and durability."

Truck owners interested in the Heavy Duty Headache Rack can find it on the Go Industries website at goindustries.com. Here, they can choose options based on their vehicle's year, make, and model to ensure a perfect fit. Prospective buyers can also explore a wide variety of other truck accessories, law enforcement equipment, and custom manufacturing services that the company offers.

Embracing modern payment methods, Go Industries now accepts cryptocurrencies, showing the company's adaptive and forward-thinking approach. Based in Richardson, Texas, Go Industries leads in manufacturing standard and custom truck accessories, maintaining a strong commitment to quality and innovation.


For sales inquiries, technical support, or more information about the best truck headache racks and other products, customers can contact Go Industries through the numbers provided on their website. More resources can be found at goindustries.com, including detailed product instructions and warranty information, ensuring that customers have all they need for optimal use of their purchases.


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