By Me and Crew Introduces Gewel, Gel Nail Stickers With a Difference

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Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 12:58pm UTC
02/24/2024, Melbourne, Australia // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

By Me and Crew is pleased to share that its Gewel gel nail stickers are gaining immense popularity among customers from all over the world. Though relatively new to the beauty category, these gel nail strips are a game-changer. Within two to three years of their launch, these gel nail wraps have won the hearts of many customers. These semi-cured gel nail stickers are backed by the latest technology in the nail industry. These are not like regular salon gels, which are not only expensive but also need professionals to do the job. They also take more time to apply and cause some damage to the nails.

Real liquid gel is semi-cured 60% onto the sticker sheet. To be 100% cured, the nails must go under the UV lamp for about a minute. These gel nail stickers are flexible and stretchable and are designed to fit any nail shape or size. Unlike other gel nail wraps, these stickers are 100% safe and will not damage the original nails even after removing the gel nail strips. The best thing about these gel nails is that they can be applied in under 10 minutes.

There is no need to get the nails done at expensive salons anymore. Getting ready for an event, party, wedding, or dinner with the most beautiful nails is not only faster but also cheaper. There is no need to worry about not getting ready in time due to house chores or getting the kids ready. These nails can be applied in less than ten minutes and last for about two weeks or even more. Customers can also decorate their gel nail wraps with beautiful nail decals and gel nail stickers.

The decals are available in different shapes, including hearts, flowers, clouds, rainbows, and other interesting patterns. Their recently launched Valentine’s collection was an instant hit. Available in the season’s trending colors, the store also launched other products, such as foldable nail clippers with pouches, nail filers, pedicure gel nail kits, and nail decals. By Me and Crew carries some of the most viral beauty products that have garnered over 250 million views online. They are also the most trusted suppliers of gel nail wraps, with over 1300 5-star reviews. The DIY salon gel nail stickers can last for about three weeks with no chipping or damage to nails. They are easy to put on and very easy to take off.

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By Me and Crew is an Australian-based manufacturer and supplier of gel nail stickers that are semi-cured and backed by the latest technology in the nail industry. They are salon gel nail strips but are half the price and take half the time to apply easily without any nail damage. These nail stickers are delivered all across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, with more countries being added to its shipping list.



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